Email Marketing – Your communication dream or nightmare?

Boon or BaneHow many potential clients have you lost in the past quarter/year? Do you feel this happened due to lack of customer engagement? Is not being able to meet your targets still one of your nightmares? Are your emails getting delayed frequently because they are in some  queue? How often has your IP been blacklisted?

We are sure these questions that have rung more than a bell.. And no, we aren’t trying to rub it in. Now that we’ve understood your pain points we also have the solution to them – Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is the most effective mechanism for maintaining a dialogue with your prospects and customers. It allows you to device one-on-one conversations as opposed to meting out one-size-fits-all email blasts. This not only helps in generating effective leads but also in staying in touch with prospects, existing customers and even lapsed customers.

The effectiveness of Email Marketing is determined by its content and the target audience; the better the segmentation, the more personalized the message can become, which in turn delivers better results. After all, would you treat a new lead and a long-standing customer in the same way and with the same offer?

Today, Email Marketing has become synonymous with spamming, leading to bandwidth congestion and choked up Inboxes. This is NOT email marketing. Huh? Say that again? No lead-generation through bought lists? That’s right – no spamming. Rather, Email Marketing is a powerful means of engaging with your customers. Handled properly, email marketing also prevents your IP from getting blacklisted.

In Email Marketing you create focused emails. You then send these emails to your potential customers list, periodically and consistently. Email Marketing is the fastest way for disseminating success critical information – be it promotions, newsletters, marketing messages, advertisements or new feature updates – to a wider customer base in a shorter period of time. Now let’s get to the point that you can brag about in front of the budgeting committee.

Email Marketing is really cost effective. Unlike any other marketing methods there are no production costs involved. You have the added advantage of responding to your clients immediately. Moreover, you are also able to generate reports to check your campaign effectiveness. We know for sure you’re asking for more – no worries, you’re just human – we understand.

And on that note we present you MailDirect. Given that MailDirect provides you with all the basic features that every other Email Marketing solution can, here’s what will make you feel like you’re holding the ‘Royal Flush’ in a game of poker your life depends upon:

  1. You can personalize your email campaign so that you avoid getting treated as yet another spammer
  2. As a cascading effect of personalized emails, you get an added benefit of responding to each and every potential customer’s specific query and hence measure your email campaign’s effectiveness
  3. MailDirect comes in a ‘Software As A Service’ (SAAS) model. In addition to saving the costs incurred on hardware and software, it allows you to save more by freeing you from frequent upgrades, management and maintenance. It provides you with access to the latest version available at all times.
  4. MailDirect also enables you to perform market surveys and generate valuable business intelligence reports efficiently

Given the advent of various social networking sites and e-commerce popularity, today almost everyone is on the web. There is a very high probability that you will find majority of your potential customers online. This makes it absolutely critical for an organization to equip itself with the best tools to harness this vast ocean of opportunities. So go ahead and achieve your goals with MailDirect.

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