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Why ‘per-mail’ based pricing isn’t the most brilliant idea in Email Marketing…

Do you live in the Stone Age? If not why are you still paying a fixed ‘per email’ price for your Email Marketing?   What happened when TATA Docomo announced per second calling rates? Didn’t you think it was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to your steadily increasing mobile bill? Didn’t you wonder […]

Mailing list hygiene – what’s that?

Remember those numerous prime-time skin care ads that bombard you with the benefits of scrubbing off dead skin cells to reveal a younger, fresher, more beautiful skin? The concept pretty much holds ground when it comes to maintaining your email lists as well ;)   As a marketer, you might’ve often gasped wide-eyed at exaggerated […]

Is your Email Marketing out of focus?

‘Don’t lose your focus’. Haven’t all of us grown up listening to this line more often than ‘Good job!’ or any other congratulatory remark? And even today when you look out of your office window, while enjoying your 5 minute tea/coffee break in between an action packed day, noticing the traffic jams below, wondering how […]