Is your Email Marketing out of focus?

Out of Focus

‘Don’t lose your focus’. Haven’t all of us grown up listening to this line more often than ‘Good job!’ or any other congratulatory remark? And even today when you look out of your office window, while enjoying your 5 minute tea/coffee break in between an action packed day, noticing the traffic jams below, wondering how you get closer to the daunting target that will get you closer to that corner cabin you’ve been eyeing for so long; you still remind yourself – Stay focused!

It’s rather strange that we reiterate this day in and day out but don’t apply it rigorously to the way we do business. So you’re focused on the target, but how focused are you on your target audience. And since the majority of your potential customers are busy scouting the net for offerings similar to those of your organization, a major chunk of your target audience is online. How focused are your mailing lists? Are you reaching out to the right people to begin with? Is your high quality marketing collateral reaching the intended recipients’ mailbox or junk folder? Do these recipients think of you as spammers?

These were some of the many issues discussed at the MailDirect: Customer Connect workshop conducted by QLC. MailDirect is a resilient enterprise communication tool that simplifies an organization’s marketing and branding activities, enabling you stay on top of your customer’s mind. It comes to in a SaaS model and enables you to:

  • Create attractive personalized email and SMS campaigns.
  • Reach a wider audience through multilingual outbound dialers.
  • Conduct surveys and gather market information.
  • Analyze your campaign effectiveness through in-depth reports.

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 We all know that today merely initiating an interaction with your customers is not sufficient to sustain your business, what we need is continuous customer engagement by means of timely messaging. MailDirect not only enables you to establish the quintessential initial contact, but also supports continual customer engagement to keep you on top of their mind.

Let’s make our communications personal.. Let’s stay focused!

Oh! By the way, if you are suffering from excessive emails overload in your PC/smartphone, QLC has some exquisite features under the SmartEmail umbrella, but let’s talk about it separately.

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