Welcome to the ‘The Not for Everyone Club’!

Welcome to the Not-For-Everyone Club

Hi there.. just about a year back we thought of starting something grand and hence decided to have our own hoity-toity club – The Not for Everyone Club. Now you’d be wondering why would someone want to be a part of something like this – simple – because it is not for every Tom, Dick and Harry; it has a certain hedonic value; and it’s one of those limited member high-roller clubs.

As glamorous as this would sound, getting all the pieces together was an equally grand challenge. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

So we engaged all available marketing tools – creating buzz via Print (publications and newspapers) & Online Advertising and of course, Social Media. Additionally we also employed Email Marketing, Surveys and SMS Marketing to aid this initiative. As expected, the response was overwhelming. With such a huge pool of leads it was just quite clear that we needed to separate the men from the boys. We sent an initial greeting and advanced to qualifying our prospects to narrow down to a particular income group:

  1. Annual income above Rs. 10 million.
  2. A plush ride – the BMWs, the Mercedes’, the Audis and alike.

Eligible prospects would express interest and we would simply finish our qualification process using Interactive Voice Responses. And guess what! At the end of this rigorous exercise we managed to narrow down on our target audience. Now we exactly knew who to connect with and get on board.

After few weeks of arduous follow ups, we finally had the big and glamorous names on The Not for Everyone Club’s member list. But we knew that we were just halfway there. The next critical phase was keeping these members engaged; and we knew exactly how it could be done. We engaged them with focused periodic communication. So a welcome mailer the moment they were on board, mailers on upcoming events at the club, new activities being introduced at the club, special offers for privileged members, membership extensions, sign up offers for new members – were amongst few such engaging communications.

Today, we stand tall amongst the most prestigious and sought after clubs with annual profits running int millions!

Isn’t this an efficient and smarter way of entering the market! Identifying prospects and narrowing down on qualified prospects who eventually translate to business for you and keeping them engaged for ongoing business. This is exactly what MailDirect can do for you as shared by Sharad Popli, Founder Director, QuantumLink Communications (QLC) at TFM&A 2011 on the 4th and 5th of this November.
About QLC

About TFM&A

Sharad spoke about industry best practices on email marketing and how MailDirect can make a difference for businesses. He shared the dais with Sachin Bansal, Head – Strategy and Marketing, Welgrow Travels Pvt. Ltd., shared his experiences on how MailDirect helped in achieving steady business growth while also improving profitability.

Based out of Delhi, Welgrow Travels Pvt. Ltd. is an established name in the Travel and Hospitality industry. The problem Sachin faced was that business was growing and so were the costs. This had a direct impact on profitability. Of course, when you are in the Travel and Hospitality domain, that additional personal touch is what differentiates you from the herd. With MailDirect’s advanced features and flexible costing model Welgrow Travels Pvt. Ltd. was eventually able to minimize costs leading to increased profitability.

How many emails are you required to send per month? Are services capable of sending 100 million emails a month (that’s 3000 emails a second) good enough for you? If you have any doubts on this we have above 600 satisfied customers who vouch for our services. And if that’s still not enough, let us tell you that we have been bagging a customer a day for the past quarter causing email volumes across servers going up by 200% over the past quarter. Aren’t these some interesting eye popping facts? We sure think so, and so did the many people that flocked the MailDirect stall. The crowd was a blend of people from diverse domains including Marketing, Advertising and Technology. They had a few interesting questions, some of which would be common with you:

  1. What makes MailDirect different from the usual run-of-the-mill mailing solutions?
  2. What do you mean by personalised email marketing?
  3. What kind of analytic reports do you provide?
  4. How can you help us reduce our costs?

What makes MailDirect’s the blue eyed lady amongst the lot is its ability to personalise an organization’s marketing, sales and CRM activities. With as many as 30 custom fields it enables you to establish a strong connection with your present and potential customers conveying that you are aware of their business and their specific requirements.

And if blue eyes aren’t good enough for you, MailDirect has a host of sharp and attractive features that enable you to not only strike a conversation with your customers, but also keep them alive with timed communications. Experience some serious personalization, reduced bandwidth utilization and increased efficiency with features such as CustomAttach, Engagers, CleverLists and AutoAppend. And if you have a specific requirement, just let us know and we will be more than happy to develop it for you.

Now coming to being able to measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns, MailDirect makes it all possible by providing in-depth reports on mail bounces, invalid email ids, messages opened, geographically segregated responses, click-throughs, landing pages and much more. It also helps you gauge effectiveness of one of the most critical communication parameters – ‘Word of Mouth’. MailDirect allows for seamless integration of your marketing activities with your social media presence via features like AutoPublish and Forward-to-Friend.

Not everything that’s gorgeous, smart and intelligent, is high on maintenance ;) . MailDirect comes to you as a SAAS offering, hence no additional costs on hardware and software upgrades. Pricing per email is passé – MailDirect deploys a data transfer based pricing model that ensures that you pay only as much as bandwidth you utilize. Organizations spend considerable amount of time and effort on how to optimize mailers. Wouldn’t you love to benefit from all the effort you put in to all that optimization? With MailDirect, the lighter your emails (size in terms of data transfer), the lesser you pay!!
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We guess, by now it’s easy to justify why MailDirect received an overwhelming response from people with varied requirements – from personalisation of emails to keeping customer interaction alive to measuring Word of Mouth to in-depth campaign analysis to bandwidth issues to pricing constraints – They now have a total digital marketing solution for their diverse problems and we are sure so do you..

For more information on how to make your communications personal please log on to www.maildirect.in

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