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How to limit Google’s targeted ads in Gmail

Moving ahead from our last week’s update on Google scans your content – Email and everything else!, we have more interesting news for you.   In Google’s defense for coming out in the clear about the policy update claiming that they scan emails to display more relevant ads, this is something they have been doing […]

Google scans your content – Email and everything else!

It’s been a while that Google has been realigning its algorithms in order to provide its customers with Spam and Virus-free mail. And this has been quite a challenge for most marketers as well as email marketing software providers. But on Tuesday (April 15, 2014), Google updated its privacy policies making it crystal clear that […]

Gmail finally accepts that ‘the Image is all that matters..’

Email marketing is the most economic means of generating business – stale news! Every marketer worth his salt knows this. And while best practices around email marketing being a hot topic across marketing groups spanning the Internet, there isn’t much that’s been left to anyone’s fancy – or is there?   The Email Service Provider […]