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Six best practices for effective email copywriting

It’s no surprise that Email Marketing has been recognized as the most effective means of lead/revenue generation for its ability to personalize the sales pitch and economic viability. And with this recognition came the onslaught of volumes and volumes of mail. Add to it the fact that the average attention span of adults has fallen […]

Never get lost

The monthly sales targets are hovering over your head. A good lead can make or break it. You have followed up relentless with them. You have done all the required homework. And then you get a chance to meet with the decision maker. You pace around uncomfortably, practicing and perfecting your pitch. You can almost […]

The dawn of the digital marketing era

Digital Marketing has made its presence felt and announced its arrive with great aplomb – to the extent that many marketing gurus agree that it should no longer be considered as a branch of marketing, but an evolved form of marketing itself. Average Indian to spend Rs. 10,000 on e-commerce in 2015: ASSOCHAM-PwC Online advertising […]

Social Identities – Why do they matter?

Many a time organizations discover that their customers don’t do what they say they’ll do. They agree to certain things during a survey, but don’t quite go by it when their feedback has been implemented.   For e.g. When Electrolux was contemplating offering free washing machines and charging customers by the wash, consumers welcomed the […]

How clued in are you on your field force’s progress?

Aiming for more business year-on-year is as natural to an organization’s growth as is breathing. And while your top brass is fixated on the company’s growth, the sales managers are the ones who are entrusted with fulfillment of these objectives.   And so begins the planning process, breaking down of the annual target into quarterly […]

A stitch in time saves nine!

We’re not going to repeat that childhood fairytale. You obviously know how it goes. What we’re actually referring to is accessibility of context sensitive information in real-time to save your organization’s face.   Let us build it up to you. Last weekend I met a college friend – Raj. He was known to be a […]

Digital Marketing trends for 2015

With 2015 lurking around the corner, there’s quite a lot that has changed in the domain of digital marketing. Following are a few major trends that will highlight 2015’s digital marketing landscape:     Web consolidation: With content-driven, multi-channel and personalized campaigns gaining success, and access to tools such as cookies, algorithms, pragmatic marketing, 2015 […]

What organizations should learn from the Sony Hack?

One of the most shocking occurrences in the cyber world, as we bid goodbye to 2014, has been the hacking of Sony Pictures. On November 24, 2014, high profile information about Sony Pictures employees, email exchanges, key personnel salary information, copies of unreleased films, and other information were obtained and released on the Internet by […]

Want to make things easy for your field force? Get FieldSense!

Fixing up meetings, attending to sudden change in the client’s plan, traveling all across town to meet commitments, and after a rough day coming back to office to report it all – a typical day in the life of a field force rep. Oh, and did we mention, having to go through the pain of […]