Stay innovative with your email content to ensure better engagement

We all know that innovation is critical for any business to achieve sustainability. And it becomes all the more important when we talk of it in the context of email marketing. Why? Because while conversing over an email you are communicating with a million customers who you don’t know on a personal basis; because they haven’t met you personally either; because monotony will eventually bore them to the extent that they’ll stop responding to your future email!


The importance of innovative content in Email Marketing:


With so much social media noise, the attention span of an email recipient has dropped below 15 seconds. To add to it, a user’s average relation with a brand over email is not more than 3-4 months. Customers are always on the lookout for something new; and therein lies the key to keeping them engaged.


Few tips for staying innovative with your email content:


  1. Reply based emails

These emails prompt the recipient to engage in a 2-way communication. Popular email services such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo consider recipient interaction to be the highest form of engagement, which in turn improves your domain reputation. Also, while the recipient is replying, your sender id gets added to their address book increasing the probability of your future email landing in their primary inbox.


  1. Video in emails

Researches have proven time and again that videos definitely score above text. They also help you convey your story in a much fun and short way. 80% of recipients spend more time on email with an embedded video and as many as 90% of them say that a video proves to be more helpful when it comes to the final decision making process.


  1. Animated in emails

While it might make your email slightly heavier, it does put life into the otherwise silent text, delighting your recipients. All popular email clients support animation, which can also prove as a means of displaying multiple views of your products, or a more insightful perception of your services.


  1. Themed emails

Take your customers through a journey. Announce a contest and entice your recipients with short stories. Stretch the series of mailers to 3-4, do inform your recipients well in advance. Assure them of a reward at the end if they get the answer right. This method will not only ensure that your recipients stay hooked on to your email messages, but also that they spread the word of mouth, adding up to your contact database. Alternatively, you may also share your brand’s story of a CSR activity instead of a contest.


These are a few points we could think of, do let us know if you come with more innovative ideas to revamp your email marketing content …

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