Abandoned Shopping Cart Remarketing

E-commerce remains a domain where impulse sometimes overshadows reasoning. But while consumers won’t think twice while going ahead with small ticket purchases, they do research a lot when it comes to buying pricier goods. And many a times they simply end up stocking up their shopping cart on multiple sites and abandoning them either due to availability of better offers or lack of time.


Now wouldn’t you rather reach out to such customers with an incentive to revisit their shopping carts and make the purchase than bombard them with even more mails full of other offers?


Yes, we are talking about remarketing – a more effective one.


Abandoned cart emails tend to earn significantly higher revenue per email as compared to the usual promotional banter; which is why it makes much more sense to craft personalized mailer with the sole intention of clearing off the abandoned products. And here are a few tips to leverage on your abandoned cart remarketing:


Personalization is still important

Personalization needs no further emphasis when it comes to promotional mailers. But do you also personalize your remarketing mailers? And by personalization we don’t just mean to stop with personalizing the names. Think of it this way – you now have so much more information regarding your customers – right from what the time that they intended to buy your products to the different types of products they selected to the price point of their purchase. Put all this information to use while personalizing and you are bound to strike a better rapport with your customers if not make the sale.


Timing is critical

While arriving at the best times to send you promotional mailers depends on a larger average, you now have a much better idea of when your customers are online. Divide you mailing activity into different slots based on the spread and connect with your customers just before they would go online or a day after they have abandoned the cart.


Emphasize on the offers

There is a very high probability that your customers abandoned their carts as they found better offers elsewhere. If your good fall in the fast moving category, it would be a good idea to offer a slightly better limited period offer. This will give them an incentive to go ahead with the purchase.


Bundle relevant products

You may further enhance their experience by offering relevant products as a bundled offer. A pair of matching shoes paired up with a dress is an extremely irresistible offer; and so are a phone cover and a portable charger along with a smartphone. You get the point?


It takes a lot of effort to have your email recipients interact with your mailers, and it hurts real bad to see them abandon loaded shopping carts. So why to simply bombard all your prospects with more and more offers when you can selectively remarket to those who have already expressed interest in your products?

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