What’s your email marketing customer engagement strategy?

While that may sound a mouthful, possible make you read the headline again, do you actually have a strategy that ensures continuous customer engagement through email marketing?


Marketing bigwigs have been chanting the ‘continuous customer engagement’ hymn for donkey’s years. And eventually the age of such continuous engagements has arrived. Brands are maintaining a continuous dialog with customers across stores, websites and blogs. With the advent of social media, customers’ voices have attained more power given rapid dissemination. But have you been able to manage a similar feat through your email marketing efforts as well?


MailDirect – a complete digital marketing solution from QLC – enables you to devise an array of communications that shall engage with your customers at predefined intervals. Think of an Engager as a pre-defined flow of structured communications that is automatically handled by MailDirect.


For instance, you want every person who signs up on your web-site to first receive a thank-you message, followed by any instructions that s/he may require to start using your offering; you may want to send her a list of some of the more ‘advanced’ features and how to use them about 10-days later. You may then want to seek his/her feedback on how his/her experience with your offering has been after another 10-days, followed by a request for referrals on day-30 after purchase.


Four distinct events, with four distinct messages. Can you imagine the possible errors as the number of customers increase? For an Engager, handling this is child’s play. All you need to do is define the messages and the intervals at which you need the message to be rolled out. And in case you want to edit or alter any of the messages, you can simply change message templates in between the process and the new one’s would automatically get used.


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