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A clutch of functionality intended to further improve email productivity, e.g. the Mobile Inbox and Priority Inbox functionality.

How smart is your smartphone?

Staying on top of one’s professional life has become quite demanding. Deadlines are tight, targets are high, there are too many things to be done, and amidst all this chaos there is an added stress of email overload.   Technology is developing at lightening pace and everyday there is a new gadget to assist such […]

Is email overload stressing you out?

The proliferation of smartphone technology has changed the way work gets done. We no longer depend on laptops or desktops to stay updated on critical stuff – critical issues that need your immediate attention. And that’s possible only because of the advancement in mobile technology. You can now access email in real-time, irrespective of the […]

We are Hiring!

Having been in the IT industry for almost two decades, we at QuantumLink Communications (QLC) Pvt Ltd, have plans for some aggressive growth in the near future. We take a lot of pride in offering top-notch products and services, with an inclination to deliver significant value to our customers on a continuous, ongoing basis. And […]

Is your Email Marketing out of focus?

‘Don’t lose your focus’. Haven’t all of us grown up listening to this line more often than ‘Good job!’ or any other congratulatory remark? And even today when you look out of your office window, while enjoying your 5 minute tea/coffee break in between an action packed day, noticing the traffic jams below, wondering how […]

Bad News for Email? Or is it?

Every time I encounter an article like this one, I wind up checking my own behavior when it comes to the way I deal with email. And I learn that it has changed, in many ways reflecting the changes taking place in the world outside. From being a committed Blackberry user of many years standing, I […]