Is email overload stressing you out?

The proliferation of smartphone technology has changed the way work gets done. We no longer depend on laptops or desktops to stay updated on critical stuff – critical issues that need your immediate attention. And that’s possible only because of the advancement in mobile technology. You can now access email in real-time, irrespective of the time and location.


But, with this ease of access, comes a major challenge. With the amount of Spam being generated, more than 50% our inboxes are laden with irrelevant mail. Then there is ‘For Your Information’ mail that are comprises of messages that do not demand your immediate attention, but have been marked to you to keep you updated on certain developments. The widespread acceptance of various social media platforms adds another set of mail to your inboxes. Then there are transactional mails from your banks, utility bills and service reminders. And then there are those few critical mails that await your explicit attention and action.



Now imagine waking up to a plethora of mail that has been forwarded to your smartphone from all your different email accounts, and trying to figure out the important ones amidst the lot. Responding to issues and coming up with solutions takes its own time, so why waste any more time in finding such mail in the first place. So far Google has been able to divide your mail into important and others. Email clients such as Thunderbird also provide a fair amount of mail filtering, but still there’s a fair amount of irrelevant mail that keeps clogging your inbox. But all this is possible only for the web interface, not for your smartphone. And if your smartphone was really smart, you should get only ‘important’ email on it – right?


And this is exactly the problem that the MailServe team at QuantumLink Communications Pvt. Ltd. (QLC) was determined to address. By the way, MailServe happens to be a renowned email hosting service from QLC that manages more than 52,000 mailboxes across 1000 in India.


The Priority Inbox feature from MailServe has been designed to defuse the stress and distraction caused by unwanted or unimportant mail. It sorts your email into Important and others, and displays them in a visually separated manner – so you can focus on the critical messages first, and deal with the balance later. And all your email, across your desktop/laptop/handheld, stays in perfect sync – which is why we call it SmartEmail!


SmartEmail from MailServe – reclaim your Inbox, and do more besides!

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