Effective customer re-targeting with Outcome-based Campaigns

Customer re-targeting – a term gaining prominence in the ever growing world of digital marketing. Marketers study customer preferences, buying behavior, purchase history, response to previous promotions, demographics – the list can go on.

Outcome-based-campaigns from MailDirect

Efficient re-targeting enables organizations to not only get repeated business from existing customers, but also helps in inducing brand loyalty, an off-shoot of which is positive word-of-mouth leading to new customer acquisition, and hence, more revenue.


But along with the additional revenue also comes additional operational cost in conducting the research and devising new strategies. And this is where email marketing comes in to the picture.


Email marketing is already famous for its cost effectiveness and high return on investment. Even better news is that you can now use email marketing for efficient customer re-targeting. Don’t believe us? Have a look at MailDirect’s Outcome-based campaigns.


Using Outcome-based campaigns you can re-target those customers who’ve shown explicit interest in your offerings; with more relevant, focused and personalized messages – assisting them in making the final purchase decision. Doing so will ensure that you are connecting with your prospects/customers with the right offer, increasing your chances of conversion.


You can reconnect with recipients who’ve viewed, not viewed or clicked on past emails, thus ensuring that you never miss out on any potential customer. More specifically, you can try out different strategies to entice each set of users – provide a more detailed explanation of your products to those who’ve opened and clicked your mailer; try out a different strategy for those who haven’t seen it at all as you now know that your earlier one hasn’t caught their attention.


Outcome-based campaigns enable you to:

  • Re-target customers based on their interaction with your previous mailers
  • Attract interested customers through special offers
  • Reconnect with active customers to induce trial/purchase
  • Send personalized content or seek feedback


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