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Tips on List Acquisition for effective Email Marketing

While Email Marketing continues to be the highest ROI generating marketing technique, marketers are striving towards optimizing their campaigns in order to get the best results. In order to optimize anything, one needs deep dive right to the root of every opportunity – and the list, of course, forms the foundation of email marketing. Marketers […]

Effective customer re-targeting with Outcome-based Campaigns

Customer re-targeting – a term gaining prominence in the ever growing world of digital marketing. Marketers study customer preferences, buying behavior, purchase history, response to previous promotions, demographics – the list can go on. Efficient re-targeting enables organizations to not only get repeated business from existing customers, but also helps in inducing brand loyalty, an […]

How to expand your customer base?

With Social Media and Mobile Marketing having made their mark, many have their doubts about the effectiveness of email marketing. However, the proliferation of smartphones and tablets ensures that recipients almost always carry a mobile device with them and are in a much better position to access their email on the go.   Today, organizations […]

Google scans your content – Email and everything else!

It’s been a while that Google has been realigning its algorithms in order to provide its customers with Spam and Virus-free mail. And this has been quite a challenge for most marketers as well as email marketing software providers. But on Tuesday (April 15, 2014), Google updated its privacy policies making it crystal clear that […]

Effect of Yahoo’s changes on Email Deliverability

The change Recently Yahoo – one of the three most widely used public email services – modified its authentication policy. This modification has the ability to seriously impact deliverability of email being sent out with the ‘From Address’ containing ‘yahoo.com’, but not being routed through Yahoo’s servers. Literal translation – there is a high probability […]

MailDirect New Feature: Transparent Bridge to Google Analytics

Your mailer is just one side of a conversation, don’t you want to hear your customer’s reply? For a lot of marketers, parameters like click-thru’ rates (CTR) and view-counts are necessary, but not sufficient. Because they’ve understood that the email needs to be backed with compelling content on their websites, that engages with the customer […]

Gmail finally accepts that ‘the Image is all that matters..’

Email marketing is the most economic means of generating business – stale news! Every marketer worth his salt knows this. And while best practices around email marketing being a hot topic across marketing groups spanning the Internet, there isn’t much that’s been left to anyone’s fancy – or is there?   The Email Service Provider […]

Is your Email Marketing out of focus?

‘Don’t lose your focus’. Haven’t all of us grown up listening to this line more often than ‘Good job!’ or any other congratulatory remark? And even today when you look out of your office window, while enjoying your 5 minute tea/coffee break in between an action packed day, noticing the traffic jams below, wondering how […]

Welcome to the ‘The Not for Everyone Club’!

Hi there.. just about a year back we thought of starting something grand and hence decided to have our own hoity-toity club – The Not for Everyone Club. Now you’d be wondering why would someone want to be a part of something like this – simple – because it is not for every Tom, Dick […]

Warming up your IPs.

Congratulations! You clearly understand that Email Marketing is very different from sending mailers to any and every list you can lay your hands on, and the MailDirect Team is completely aligned to support you in your effort to use email as an effective marketing tool. This article will guide you in getting your email marketing […]