MailDirect New Feature: Transparent Bridge to Google Analytics


Your mailer is just one side of a conversation, don’t you want to hear your customer’s reply?

For a lot of marketers, parameters like click-thru’ rates (CTR) and view-counts are necessary, but not sufficient. Because they’ve understood that the email needs to be backed with compelling content on their websites, that engages with the customer to achieve outcomes. How long did the person stay on the landing page? Where did she navigate to from there? Did anyone receiving the mailer fill out the enquiry?

To help you to dive into all this and more, MailDirect now allows you to transparently hook into Google Analytics for sites.

If you are already using Google Analytics to monitor your web presence points, you can now embed your property ID into your MailDirect campaigns; so when you now access your Analytics account, you will be able to see information on how many visitors your campaign generated, how long they stayed on the landing page (longer indicates more interest), where they moved from there, and more. All of which could prove useful in tuning up not only the specific campaign landing pages, but your site overall.

We believe that successful marketing is a conversation with your customer – engaging, and ongoing. And we’re working on many more ideas that help you achieve precisely this; for instance take our powerful and flexible Engagers functionality,  that helps you maintain a flow of time+event based interaction with your prospects and customers.

Drop us a line for a no-obligations trial and see how MailDirect can take you from one-sided announcements to conversations with your customers.

Note: This is not an endorsement of Google Analytics, nor a recommendation to use the system; this new capability of MailDirect will allow you to connect transparently to Google Analytics, should you be already using the system to track your web properties.

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