How to connect with your customers on time, every time?

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance has become a myth in today’s demanding professional life. The list of things to be done seems to be ever growing. Barely have we finished a task, and several others await you already. Amongst the many things that you ought to do are certain recurring mundane tasks – such as bill payments, EMIs, renewals and upgrades. And we have learned to live with reminder sent by respective service providers for all of these. But what if one fine day you miss out on a credit card payment or an EMI, and that too because bank reminders got delayed. Of course there would be ways to deals with it such that you do not incur any losses, but doesn’t that mean adding more things to your already overflowing list of things?


Calendar-based Campaigns from MailDirect


Now imagine if the very same thing happened with one of your services. The extent of the crisis will be much graver, irrespective of the size of your customer base. While you have managed to inform your customers about that critical action point, the only problem is that you’re too late. Don’t you wish you had the facility to automatically send reminders to your customers regarding critical actionable events?


That’s exactly what MailDirect offers via its Calendar-based campaigns. Calendar-based campaigns enable marketers schedule recurring timely campaigns, and automate all event-triggered messages. Be it personalized birthday greetings, or service renewal reminders, or payment reminders – marketers can rest assured that they’re connecting with their customers on time, every time. Moreover, this feature also enables them to set reminders on a recurring basis, and stop worrying if they’ve missed out on any.


Calendar-based campaigns enable marketers to:

  • Induce customer engagement and branding through timely customer interactions
  • Send personalized birthday/anniversary greetings
  • Communicate critical actionable items such as bill payments and installments
  • Select the frequency of recurring communications once and for all


About MailDirect:

MailDirect is a complete digital marketing solution offered by QuantumLink Communications Pvt. Ltd. (QLC) that provides marketing with email marketing, mobile marketing and survey conducting software. To know more, please visit

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