How smart is your smartphone?

Staying on top of one’s professional life has become quite demanding. Deadlines are tight, targets are high, there are too many things to be done, and amidst all this chaos there is an added stress of email overload.


Technology is developing at lightening pace and everyday there is a new gadget to assist such corporate demands. Smartphones and tablets have made email accessible on the go. But if your smartphone was really smart, you should get only ‘important’ emails on it – right? But aren’t you already experiencing otherwise, with everything, including all the junk email you receive also landing into your smartphone?




And that’s where Mobile Inbox from MailServe comes in to the picture! MailServe is a renowned email hosting service from QuantumLink Communications Pvt. Ltd. (QLC) that manages more than 52,000 mailboxes across 1000 in India.


MailServe ensures that your email gets smarter, and you less stressed – by letting you filter what goes where, and what you’d like to see in your Inbox, and your smartphone. And more important, all mail including mail sent from your smartphone stay perfectly in sync, without having to mark a ‘BCC:’ to yourself, which is what the best solution today offers!


And as an added benefit, whether you access your email from your laptop, Web mail or your smartphone, they’re all in perfect sync – which is why we call it SmartEmail!


So if you’ve been longing to switch to the latest iOS or Android smartphone, but were being held back only because they couldn’t handle your email like you’ve become used to, then you’re going to love the Mobile Inbox feature from MailServe.

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