Now you can communicate with your field force in real time…

A sales manager’s major challenges are making the hard hitting numbers. And to make these numbers, they invest a lot of time behind planning their team’s meeting schedules. But what do you do when there’s an unexpected turn of events?


A hot lead may spring up; a key decision maker has suddenly made time to hear you out; an issue has occurred while your sales guy is on his way to ask the client for renewal of services – these are few of the most recurring instances in a sales manager’s life.


You can’t let go off of such opportunity windows, neither can you connect with your team member instantly – or can you?

FieldSense - Real-time-Communication

FieldSense facilitates real-time communication with your field force.

FieldSense’s real-time communication enables you to instantly connect with your field force and share any last minute information while they’re on the way to a meeting, or even while they’re in a meeting! And since this is your professional app, the client won’t feel that your people are skimming through ‘some’ messages unprofessionally. FieldSense can retain the information passed on by your field personnel, or push it into your CRM application (if you use one).


FieldSense also enables you to:

  • Track movements and progress of your field force in real-time
  • Accurately navigate to your next meeting destination
  • Access and share the latest information available on an account (client/prospect) on-the-go
  • Mark attendance, submit meeting reports, customer updates as well as expense vouchers and conveyance claims directly from the field


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