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The monthly sales targets are hovering over your head. A good lead can make or break it. You have followed up relentless with them. You have done all the required homework. And then you get a chance to meet with the decision maker. You pace around uncomfortably, practicing and perfecting your pitch. You can almost smell success. But, the day you go for the meeting, you realize that it’s far more difficult to reach the venue than you had thought. Taking turns and U-turns you finally reach the venue and declare yourself at the reception. “Sorry Sir, but Mr. VIP has just left for his overseas flight. He asked me to let you know that he waited for you, and the only time he can meet you next is after another two weeks.” And you kiss your targets (and the associated incentives) goodbye.


This sure sounds dramatic, but every business development professional worth his salt will agree that this has happened to them more than once. Your field force did all it could, and had it not been for that unfortunate goof up with the address, you’d probably be basking in the glory of another big win. Is it really fair to blame it on them that they didn’t make it on time? Shouldn’t you equip them with better technology instead?


And that’s where FieldSense enters the frame. FieldSense is a field force optimization app that will revolutionize the way your field force manages their day-to-day operations.


Amongst the many benefits that FieldSense delivers is that it provides your field force with a real-time visual map to the next meeting location. It not only shows them the destination on the map, but also guides them with turn-by-turn navigation – ensuring that they reach their meeting destinations on time, every time!


In its effort to make life easy for your field force, FieldSense also ends up being an invaluable aid in keeping your customer and prospect databases updated. Users simply need to pin a visit and FieldSense will store the location so that no one has to wander around re-discovering the same location.


FieldSense also enables you to:

  • Track movements and progress of your field force in real-time
  • Communicate with your colleagues in real-time
  • Access and share the latest information available on an account (client/prospect) on-the-go
  • Mark attendance, submit meeting reports, customer updates as well as expense vouchers and conveyance claims directly from the field


FieldSense – Turbo-charge your field force!

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