A stitch in time saves nine!

We’re not going to repeat that childhood fairytale. You obviously know how it goes. What we’re actually referring to is accessibility of context sensitive information in real-time to save your organization’s face.


Let us build it up to you. Last weekend I met a college friend – Raj. He was known to be a very enthusiastic and energetic fellow during our MBA days. And Raj had lived up to that image through his professional years as well. He works with one of the leading ERP solution companies.


The otherwise beaming Raj seemed rather disturbed that day. “One stupid goof-up, and I looked like a fool standing in their office!” he finally blurted out. It so happened that he was visiting one of his clients and pushing for a renewal contract. But the same morning, a technical disruption had rendered their system useless and all operations had stalled for the moment. “You want us to renew this?” the client had asking him bluntly in a room full of executives. And Raj wasn’t prepared for it one bit as he had reached the client’s venue directly from another meeting, and the last time he had checked, everything was in accord.


Members of the field force across organizations will relate to this incident. After all, it’s nothing new that something has gone bad while they were busy, and have now been caught off guard in the client’s office.


There’s nothing they could do about such un-called-for issues, but you can definitely help them put up a smart front if at all confrontation is inevitable.


With FieldSense’s you can send contextual-sensitive information to your field force and keep them abreast of all critical information, in real-time! FieldSense helps your field force stay on top of the latest developments on all accounts – so that they’ll never be caught off-guard with regards to any last minute changes.

Note: This functionality requires integration with your CRM system.


Well that’s not all. FieldSense also enables you to track your field-force’s movements and progress in real-time. While this may not please everyone FieldSense has some good news for your field force as well. It assists them with accurate navigate to meeting destinations, enables them to mark attendance, submit meeting reports, customer updates as well as expense vouchers and conveyance claims directly from the field, and communicate with colleagues in real-time.


FieldSense – Turbo-charge your field force!

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