Digital Marketing trends for 2015

With 2015 lurking around the corner, there’s quite a lot that has changed in the domain of digital marketing. Following are a few major trends that will highlight 2015’s digital marketing landscape:




Web consolidation:

With content-driven, multi-channel and personalized campaigns gaining success, and access to tools such as cookies, algorithms, pragmatic marketing, 2015 will see further integration of the ‘the Internet of things’. However, the web has now become more fragmented owing to developments in the mobile and app domains. In 2015, large organizations may look at means of integrating this scattered web.


Content still rules: 

It has been repeated ‘n’ times in the past, and still continues to be one of the major trends that will overshadow the foreseeable future of digital marketing. However, the recent changes introduced by Google algorithms mean that it’s what your content conveys and where it resides that will determine the success of your business. Fresh and relevant content, and what you communicate through your social channels will determine the fate of your page rank. It’s no longer search engine optimization (SEO) versus social media optimization (SMO), but both working in tandem that will lead you to success.


Personalization will have a new meaning: 

Again not a new point, but the meaning has surely changed. Having figured out how to use big data, brands will be focusing on personalization more than ever in 2015 – creating a unique experience across website, social media and in-store. Personalization will scale new heights as consumers will be handed over the opportunity to create, share and buy personalized products and services and


There’s no such thing as digital marketing – it’s all marketing:

Today, digital marketing spending (almost) equals the traditional marketing spend, and 2015 onwards it shall no longer be referred to as something different as compared to marketing. The world of digital marketing will evolve from a fad to a necessary element of the marketing mix.

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