How clued in are you on your field force’s progress?

Aiming for more business year-on-year is as natural to an organization’s growth as is breathing. And while your top brass is fixated on the company’s growth, the sales managers are the ones who are entrusted with fulfillment of these objectives.


And so begins the planning process, breaking down of the annual target into quarterly and eventually monthly targets, in tune with the industry and company trends. But as we all know, success is as much about the execution as it is about the planning. Even the best plans may not reap the desired results if executed poorly. And here is where the actual sales management comes into picture.


Employees do not like being micro-managed. They enjoy a fair bit of freedom and trust. But supervision is definitely a key to ensuring that your plans are on the right track. And that brings us to the questions – How clued in are you on your field force’s progress? How much in control do you feel about the whole situation?


What if you could actually see how your field force is progressing through their day at any given point in time – from your car, your meeting, or for that matter, your home?


FieldSense is a field force optimization service from QLC, that enables you to track them in real-time! Hence, now you’re no longer in a state of uncertainty regarding your field force’s progress. More good news is that you can now pass on a hot lead to your field force at a moment’s notice and ask them to alter their schedule in order to attend to this this opportunity on priority.


Once you’ve setup your account, you simply need to ensure that your field force downloads the app. In addition to keeping you in full control of your field force’s movements, FieldSense also enables them with accurate navigation to meeting locations, instant access to context-sensitive information via messages, submission of attendance, reports and expense vouchers from remote locations – making their life easier, thus enabling them to focus entirely on the business goals.


FieldSense – turbo charge your field force!

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