Want to make things easy for your field force? Get FieldSense!

Fixing up meetings, attending to sudden change in the client’s plan, traveling all across town to meet commitments, and after a rough day coming back to office to report it all – a typical day in the life of a field force rep. Oh, and did we mention, having to go through the pain of dealing with attendance system inconsistencies and expense claims – you know how difficult it is to keep a track of your little expenses when you’re so focused on cracking the next deal.

If your field force’s main KRA is generating revenue, shouldn’t they be on the field instead of running to office every day, only to fill in reports and claim expenses? Wouldn’t it make their life easier if there was a way of handling it all on-the-fly.

With the evolution of technology and smartphones, it’s difficult for path-breaking innovations to lag far behind. And yes, you’ve guessed it right – we do have a solution for all of the above mentioned inconveniences; and much more.

Introducing On-the-Go reporting from FieldSense

FieldSense is a field force optimization app that will revolutionize the way they manage their day-to-day operations.

FieldSense ensures that your field force stays focused on more productive activities than travelling all the way to office simply to fill in daily reports. They can now mark their attendance, submit meeting reports, customer updates as well as expense vouchers and conveyance claims directly from the field.

FieldSense makes your field force more accountable, location-independent, and less stressed!

FieldSense also enables you to:

  • Track movements and progress of your field force in real-time
  • Accurately navigate to your next meeting destination
  • Communicate with your colleagues in real-time
  • Access and share the latest information available on an account (client/prospect) on-the-go

FieldSense – Turbo-charge your field force!

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