Is your field force really on top of all client developments?

Being on top of developments on every client is a critical requirement for every field force rep in order to put up an ‘i-know-everything-that’s-happening-with-you’ face in front of clients. And then there are days when your best rep has been meeting client back to back for a couple of days, and when he walks into one of your key accounts, he’s caught unaware because technical issues have been disrupting services since that morning. In fact he is there to convince the client to upgrade and get add-on services – Ouch!! This surely is an embarrassing situation, both for your rep and your company. Such situations are unavoidable right? We beg to differ…

Introducing FieldSense – On-the-go Contextual communication for your field force.

FieldSense lets your team look up the latest information available on an account they’re going to meet – while on the field, when it’s most helpful! FieldSense helps your field force stay on top of the latest developments on all accounts – so that they’ll never be caught off-guard with regards to any last minute changes. And, all this happens in absolute real-time!

Note: This functionality requires integration with your CRM system.

FieldSense also enables you to:

  • Accurately navigate to your next meeting destination
  • Track movements and progress of your field force in real-time
  • Communicate with your colleagues in real-time
  • Mark attendance, submit meeting reports, customer updates as well as expense vouchers and conveyance claims directly from the field

FieldSense – Turbo-charge your field force!



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