Always arrive at meetings on time, every time, with FieldSense

It takes a lot of persistence, and consistent effort, to connect with the right contacts and get that one meeting which will open doors to a new deal. Imagine having chased a client for weeks, have finally getting in touch with the right contacts, scheduled and rescheduled meetings and received an appointment – only to reach the meeting late because you couldn’t locate the exact address and kept going in circles. The thought is painful enough by itself.


A majority of your field force goes through such situations more often than you’d guess. And this is exactly what FieldSense is address with pinpoint accuracy.

Introducing FieldSense – get but turn-by-turn navigation to your meeting destinations

FieldSense is a field force optimization app that will revolutionize the way they manage their day-to-day operations.

FieldSense provides your field force with a real-time visual map pinpointing the location of all the visits scheduled for them during the day. This allows your field force to step into meetings without any delays, and be on time, every time!

Additionally, FieldSense doubles up as an invaluable aid to keeping your customer and prospect databases completely fresh – just by pinning the visit – so no one has to wander around re-discovering the same location.

FieldSense also enables you to:

  • Track movements and progress of your field force in real-time
  • Communicate with your colleagues in real-time
  • Access and share the latest information available on an account (client/prospect) on-the-go
  • Mark attendance, submit meeting reports, customer updates as well as expense vouchers and conveyance claims directly from the field

FieldSense – Turbo-charge your field force!


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