Why ‘per-mail’ based pricing isn’t the most brilliant idea in Email Marketing…

Do you live in the Stone Age? If not why are you still paying a fixed ‘per email’ price for your Email Marketing?


What happened when TATA Docomo announced per second calling rates? Didn’t you think it was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to your steadily increasing mobile bill? Didn’t you wonder why no other service providers think of it; or go ahead with it if it was possible? And the rest, as you know, is history.


Now what if we told you that we have a similar proposition for you with respect to your email marketing? MailDirect offers you a data-transfer based pricing model – What does that mean? You pay only for the data transfer incurred during your email marketing activity.


Let’s break it down for you. The best price that an email marketing software provider will offer you is 2-3 paise per mail, and that’s if you’re sending a minimum of 10 lac (1 million) mails per month. If your email activity is any lesser, you’ll be paying much more. Moreover, you’ll also be imposed with a 100-150 kb mailer size limit – meaning you’ll have to pay extra if your mailer is heavier that the agreed size. Now most often, marketers will want to create mailers with capturing content and mesmerizing/catchy images; and we all know that a good image will increase the overall HTML file size. In trying to fit the image quality with the size quota they’ll either have to compromise on the image quality (which means a not-so-good-looking creative) or incur extra charges for a heavier file size.


Quite a few email best practices are aimed at optimizing your mailer (content, image, links, Call-to-Actions) in order to get the best results. A few even talk about hosting your images and calling them through a server as opposed to keeping them inline. These optimization techniques bring down the size of the mailer drastically improving email loading times, responsiveness and overall campaign performance. But, wait a minute, aren’t you still paying that fixed ‘per mail’ price for such an efficient mailer? Shouldn’t you benefit in this area as well?


Which is exactly what we thought of while devising our pricing slabs. And to add to it, we have an array of advanced features that will improve your campaign performance by leaps and bound. Following is a list of our most important features to name a few:


Calendar-based campaigns

Google Analytics Enhancement





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