Do you know where your salesforce is… right now?

Revisiting performances of a previous quarter, devising plans to meet the next month’s mammoth target, responding to the CEO’s tough queries, meeting other HODs to align business strategy and discuss where Sales stands on it – a typical day in the life of a Sales Head (or Director Sales or VP Sales or Chief Sales Officer – varying from organization to organization)… Oh, did we forget to add – worrying sick what your sales force is up to.


As a Sales Head, few of the zillion things undoubtedly on top of your mind are – Where are my people? Are they on track? How are they progressing on their daily schedule? And we’re pretty sure that you wish you had a magic slate that showed you exactly where your salesforce is, the way they show it in Sci-Fi flicks.

Real-time Tracking

Real-time Field Force Tracking


If we’ve have held your attention thus far, you’re going to love what follows. What if you could actually see how your field force is progressing through their day at any given point in time – from your office, the board meeting, the clubhouse or even the golf course?


FieldSense – a field force optimization service from QLC – enables you to track your salesforce in real-time, which means that you no longer need to wonder if your salesforce is working in tune with your sales strategy.


And then there are moments when a hot lead comes along and you want to ask your field force to alter their schedule and close this opportunity first. With FieldSense, you can do just that.


Additionally, FieldSense also assists you with accurate navigation to your next meeting location, on-the-go reporting and much more – features we’ll be describing in more detail in the posts to follow. With FieldSense in your palm, you can now focus on more important task than simply worry about your salesforce.


FieldSense – turbo-charge your field force!

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