Responsive Mailer Design and why it’s important…

While there are dime-a-dozen statistics that claim mobile is the way ahead and an increasing number of people are responding to mails through their smartphones – anywhere between 50-65% (here’s one), marketers aren’t still doing enough to follow suit. When such a huge portion of your recipients are viewing your communication over their smartphones, it really makes sense to have mailers designed accordingly.


However, different smartphones and mobile devices, such as tablets and phablets, have different characteristics – screen size, resolution and mail apps – which create major problems while displaying your emails correctly. And this is responsive email design can come to your aid.


Responsive email design basically means that the email automatically adjusts itself to match the display dimensions of for any given device. The response code within the email extracts the display related information from the device and realigns email layout in order to keeps the design and utility of the email intact.

Responsive Design


How does it help marketers?


The prime reasons why a marketer creates and sends mailers revolve around inducing engagement, branding and generating revenue. And hence they need to provide the best experience to all recipients while they are viewing these mails. Here, the overall layout, the numbers of scrolls it takes to go through the entire email, the rendering of images and the placement of calls-to-action – all contribute towards the overall user experience, and will decide if they interact with the mails. Goes without saying that the better their experience, the better are the chances of them engaging with your mailer, and possibly result in a conversion.


Additionally, responsive email design also ensures that your recipients don’t involuntarily click on certain links (that take them to respective landing pages) while they are still in the process of adjusting your mails in order to view/read them to begin with. This helps tremendously as far as user experience goes, and eliminates the possibility of them running away from your email only because it’s taking them to random pages while they haven’t even read through.



Email Marketing is by far the most convenient medium (in terms of both volumes and economy) to reach out to your target audience. But you also need to ensure that in the process of getting in touch with all those customers (current and potential), you put in enough efforts to put up a good show by providing a good user experience.

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