New in PME v.8 – Smart Queues

PostMaster Enterprise ver.8 incorporates your inputs and suggestions over the last 3-years and delivers a dramatically enhanced user-interface along with even higher levels of reliability and scalability – smarter queue handling, self-diagnostics and healing, enhanced protection against email and web-based malware, highly optimized Internet proxy, the list goes on.

Here’s an example of how one of these improvements works for you.

Smart Queue Processing for Outbound messages
PostMaster Enterprise ver.8 smartly separates messages based on their size, and then uses parallel threads for delivery, ensuring that a message with a large attachment doesn’t hold up more important messages from going out.

Better deliveries = more effective email!

The improved web-mail interface of PostMaster Enterprise ver.8 will delight your users – eliminating the need for email clients and desktop storage of email, making your email platform even more reliable and secure.

We’ll be keeping you posted with the details, including the possible release dates, and offers which will only be available for you over the coming days.

And oh, by the way would you be interested in having smart email filters, using which you could have only specific messages getting delivered to your iOS or Android smart-phone? Check out SmartEmail from MailServe, our powerful hosting platform.

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