With the proliferation of Social Media and increasing emphasis on Enterprise Collaboration, corporates are now taking the Enterprise Social Collaboration route.

How Social is your Organization?

Social behaviors pans across professional environments

So they said social media will cause clutter, that it’ll lead to increased unproductivity, and that it might not stand the tide in the professional arena. While these claims were partially true, there’s another side to each of these coins. Half a decade back social media was being coined as the next big thing in inter-connectivity, and yes, that part of it they were spot on. However, all the top brass warding off enthusiasts’ emphasis on social media have now become the driving forces demanding a more socially active workforce.


With the apps domain being stated as the next big thing after Facebook, the industry is experiencing a huge surge in the development as well as acceptance of business apps. The Mobile Business Landscape infographic  published by Emergence Capital Partners clearly depicts the rise in mobile apps targeted to business users. A Forbes’s post on ‘The Rise Of Mobile Enterprise And The Myths Of BYOD’ describes how Microsoft’s $1.2 billion acquisition of Yammer, that was being controversially touted for quite some time in the corporate world, is indeed offering distinct advantages to quite a few organizations.

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Bringing social networks to the workplace

Integration of apps (with a social media flavor) with the overall organizational functioning enable a seamless flow of information. Not only do they ensure that everyone in your organization can work together with everyone else, but also help the coy in-house experts to rise to the occasion in the event of critical time-constrained issues.


Now, the next time your development wizards are brainstorming over a program to integrate the sales function with the inventory, a seasoned sales shark can give his inputs right away without having to wait for the monthly idea sharing session. Imagine the ease with which a new joinee can find his way through the organization and amplify his understanding of your business, and perhaps even seek an appropriate mentor. To add to it all, the social flavor sets a harmonious tone across the organization, and also helps your HR discover hidden talent in potential leaders.


Enterprise social collaboration apps stand true to the infamous line from Jerry Maguire – ‘Help me.. Help you’. And as more and more corporate honchos take notice of this phenomenon, social is the way forward – even in the corporate world!

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