How well do you know your subscribers?

Today, much of digital marketing is centered on getting more traffic to your website, and then trying to increase the conversion ratio. Methods such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing (a.k.a. pay per click advertising), content marketing, social media marketing and blogging are used to entice more traffic by means of Call-to-Action mechanisms. While there are business models that push forward the prospects to point of sales (e.g., an ecommerce portal would directly take prospects page and there on to the payment gateway), there are others where the eventual sale may happen only after careful consideration, evaluation and comparison. In such models, getting prospects to subscribe to mailers, newsletters, or other mediums of ongoing communication is critical to the business objective, growth and revenue.



But now picture this – you have multiple products, with different websites, and different customer profiles. Would it make sense to address all of them in the similar way? Or would you rather communicate with them based on their interest levels? You can still pull off handling such situations manually, but can you automate it to the level that your mailing system takes care of this on its own?


Being a complete digital marketing solution, MailDirect has been addressing these and many similar issues, that bear proximity to email marketing. And for this particular situation, MailDirect eases marketers’ worries with its AutoAppend feature.


Once a prospect clicks on a company’s ‘Subscribe’ button, AutoAppend spontaneously incorporates the user into the appropriate list in MailDirect. This not only ensures promptness but also that you never miss out on share of mind with any prospective customer. Also, with AutoAppend, you are aware of your prospects preferences that have been collected while the sign-up process, which helps you device targeted campaigns accordingly. And all this without any user intervention – which means that you have even more time to focus on your core business.

With AutoAppend, you can be assured that your mailing lists will always be up-to-date, thus allowing you to seize and cater to all potential customers.

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