New in PME v.8 – Bcc: Discovery

PostMaster Enterprise ver.8 incorporates your inputs and suggestions over the last 3-years and delivers a dramatically enhanced user-interface along with even higher levels of reliability and scalability – smarter queue handling, self-diagnostics and healing, enhanced protection against email and web-based malware, highly optimized Internet proxy, the list goes o

Here’s an example of how one of these improvements works for you.

Minimizing information leakage through Bcc: Discovery 

PostMaster Enterprise ver.8 allows you set rules that both allows you to determine whether a message was invisibly marked to any unauthorized individual via a Bcc: and also what to do with such a message containing a Bcc address. You could choose to receive an alert when an email containing a Bcc was processed, without delivering the email to the Bcc recipient, or deliver and get alerted. Thus allowing you to implement good communications practices and making your organization’s email usage and processes that much more secure.

Better email usage policies = more effective email!

The improved web-mail interface of PostMaster Enterprise ver.8 will delight your users – eliminating the need for email clients and desktop storage of email, making your email platform even more reliable and secure.

We’ll be keeping you posted with the details, including the possible release dates, and offers which will only be available for you over the coming days.

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