Where are we in the Mobile Revolution?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, 2011 saw the sales of smartphones cross that of PC’s. In the US, smartphone ownership now exceeds that of feature-phones, less affectionately called dumb-phones. But world-wide, the conversion is in its early stage, with 835-million smartphones vs. 5.6-billion dumb-phones, but growth is exploding.

It took AOL 9-years to get to 1-million users.
It took Facebook 9-months…
It took Draw Something 9-days!!

What happens when you combine mobile, social and photos? You get Instagram, which has just been acquired by Facebook in a $1-billion cash and stock deal! Btw, Instagram launched 1.4 years ago, has 13-employees, and 25+ million users!

What happens when you combine mobile, social and games? You have Draw Something – launched in February, 2012, and now the #1 app in 79+ countries, downloaded 20+ million times, and with 12+ million users per day!

These are among the many fascinating snippets of information in the slide-deck called The Future of Mobile, from Business Insider.

So what do you think? Where do you see yourself figuring in the mobile tidal wave?

And what happens when you combine mobile, social and work? gosocio? ;o)

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