Announcing iMonit!

Are you the type of person who tends to wake up in the middle of the night, wondering whether your server is running fine? And then can’t fall asleep till you find out?

Then you’re going to love our very first app – iMonit!

iMonit is an extremely simple idea – a heart-beat monitor for your critical on-line hardware and software servers, in a device that’s always with you and always on! So that you get immediately alerted, should any of them not be responding as expected. iMonit is designed for paranoid service – having sprung awake in the middle of the night wondering whether there’s anything wrong with your servers, you can get lulled to sleep by the reassuring bank of green LED’s showing all’s well. Because had it been otherwise, iMonit would’ve woken you with an alarm!

Here’s what iMonit will do for you:

  • Display the current status of all servers & services at a glance;
  • Set time-intervals for individual monitors, i.e. how often the server/service should be checked;
  • Set up monitors for web servers, email servers, databases & custom connections;
  • See the trend of response-time from your servers;
  • Differentiate between poor Internet connectivity (between you and your mobile service provider!) and possible problems with your server.

Going forward, iMonit will incorporate team-work functionality – like tagging a failure-alert with a flag ‘I’m On it’, setting a forecast Time-To-Resolve, indicating the actual time when resolved and handed over for validation-testing and so on. We’ll probably call the iMonit2! ;o)

iMonit is currently available for Android, and the iOS version is just around the corner. Download your free copy from the Android Play Store

What other features would you like to see in iMonit?


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