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Always arrive at meetings on time, every time, with FieldSense

It takes a lot of persistence, and consistent effort, to connect with the right contacts and get that one meeting which will open doors to a new deal. Imagine having chased a client for weeks, have finally getting in touch with the right contacts, scheduled and rescheduled meetings and received an appointment – only to […]

We are Hiring!

Having been in the IT industry for almost two decades, we at QuantumLink Communications (QLC) Pvt Ltd, have plans for some aggressive growth in the near future. We take a lot of pride in offering top-notch products and services, with an inclination to deliver significant value to our customers on a continuous, ongoing basis. And […]

Do you know where your salesforce is… right now?

Revisiting performances of a previous quarter, devising plans to meet the next month’s mammoth target, responding to the CEO’s tough queries, meeting other HODs to align business strategy and discuss where Sales stands on it – a typical day in the life of a Sales Head (or Director Sales or VP Sales or Chief Sales […]

Effect of Yahoo’s changes on Email Deliverability

The change Recently Yahoo – one of the three most widely used public email services – modified its authentication policy. This modification has the ability to seriously impact deliverability of email being sent out with the ‘From Address’ containing ‘’, but not being routed through Yahoo’s servers. Literal translation – there is a high probability […]

Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19 billion – ‘Music’ or ‘Noise’ for Users’ Privacy?

So we hear that celebrations are in order at the WhatsApp headquarters in Mountain View, CA, USA – the occasion – Facebook has decided to buy WhatsApp for $19 billion. Now that’s a hell lot of money, and hence a hell lot of reasons to rejoice.   The deal, whose prospect was floated 11 days […]

Where are we in the Mobile Revolution?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, 2011 saw the sales of smartphones cross that of PC’s. In the US, smartphone ownership now exceeds that of feature-phones, less affectionately called dumb-phones. But world-wide, the conversion is in its early stage, with 835-million smartphones vs. 5.6-billion dumb-phones, but growth is exploding. It took AOL 9-years to […]

How’s Your Vision?

What if you were a small boutique hotel in a popular tourist destination, and a company contacted you offering to provide you with contact details of people who were talking about visiting the destination soon? And for a small additional fee, to mail them some interesting promotional material about your property? This is just one […]