Is email overload stressing you out?

The proliferation of smartphone technology has changed the way work gets done. We no longer depend on laptops or desktops to stay updated on critical stuff – critical issues that need your immediate attention. And that’s possible only because of the advancement in mobile technology. You can now access email in real-time, irrespective of the […]

Effective customer re-targeting with Outcome-based Campaigns

Customer re-targeting – a term gaining prominence in the ever growing world of digital marketing. Marketers study customer preferences, buying behavior, purchase history, response to previous promotions, demographics – the list can go on. Efficient re-targeting enables organizations to not only get repeated business from existing customers, but also helps in inducing brand loyalty, an […]

How to expand your customer base?

With Social Media and Mobile Marketing having made their mark, many have their doubts about the effectiveness of email marketing. However, the proliferation of smartphones and tablets ensures that recipients almost always carry a mobile device with them and are in a much better position to access their email on the go.   Today, organizations […]

Is your field force really on top of all client developments?

Being on top of developments on every client is a critical requirement for every field force rep in order to put up an ‘i-know-everything-that’s-happening-with-you’ face in front of clients. And then there are days when your best rep has been meeting client back to back for a couple of days, and when he walks into […]

Want to make things easy for your field force? Get FieldSense!

Fixing up meetings, attending to sudden change in the client’s plan, traveling all across town to meet commitments, and after a rough day coming back to office to report it all – a typical day in the life of a field force rep. Oh, and did we mention, having to go through the pain of […]

Always arrive at meetings on time, every time, with FieldSense

It takes a lot of persistence, and consistent effort, to connect with the right contacts and get that one meeting which will open doors to a new deal. Imagine having chased a client for weeks, have finally getting in touch with the right contacts, scheduled and rescheduled meetings and received an appointment – only to […]

We are Hiring!

Having been in the IT industry for almost two decades, we at QuantumLink Communications (QLC) Pvt Ltd, have plans for some aggressive growth in the near future. We take a lot of pride in offering top-notch products and services, with an inclination to deliver significant value to our customers on a continuous, ongoing basis. And […]

Keeping hackers at bay…

Google is releasing a study titled ‘Handcrafted Fraud and Extortion: Manual Account Hijacking in the Wild’ where it addresses ‘Manual Hijacking’ where hackers spend a lot of time breaking into user accounts and committing financial crimes.   The most common way through which manual hijackers crack into user accounts is via phishing – a fraudulent […]

CloudFlare introduces Universal SSL – at no additional cost!

In 2011, Joi Ito (a Japanese-American activist, entrepreneur, venture capitalist and Director of the MIT Media Lab), wrote an article ‘the Internet is a belief system’ as opposed to just a technology. The New York Times eventually developed it into ‘In an Open-Source Society, Innovating by the Seat of Our Pants’. The crux of the […]

Why ‘per-mail’ based pricing isn’t the most brilliant idea in Email Marketing…

Do you live in the Stone Age? If not why are you still paying a fixed ‘per email’ price for your Email Marketing?   What happened when TATA Docomo announced per second calling rates? Didn’t you think it was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to your steadily increasing mobile bill? Didn’t you wonder […]