Social Identities – Why do they matter?

Many a time organizations discover that their customers don’t do what they say they’ll do. They agree to certain things during a survey, but don’t quite go by it when their feedback has been implemented.   For e.g. When Electrolux was contemplating offering free washing machines and charging customers by the wash, consumers welcomed the […]

How clued in are you on your field force’s progress?

Aiming for more business year-on-year is as natural to an organization’s growth as is breathing. And while your top brass is fixated on the company’s growth, the sales managers are the ones who are entrusted with fulfillment of these objectives.   And so begins the planning process, breaking down of the annual target into quarterly […]

A stitch in time saves nine!

We’re not going to repeat that childhood fairytale. You obviously know how it goes. What we’re actually referring to is accessibility of context sensitive information in real-time to save your organization’s face.   Let us build it up to you. Last weekend I met a college friend – Raj. He was known to be a […]

Digital Marketing trends for 2015

With 2015 lurking around the corner, there’s quite a lot that has changed in the domain of digital marketing. Following are a few major trends that will highlight 2015’s digital marketing landscape:     Web consolidation: With content-driven, multi-channel and personalized campaigns gaining success, and access to tools such as cookies, algorithms, pragmatic marketing, 2015 […]

What’s your email backup strategy?

What would you do if your email architecture suddenly goes for a toss? What is your entire system’s email is hacked; the way Sony Picture’s network was hacked and shared over the Internet? Or what if your boss suddenly asked for a particular email dating a year and a half back? Such situations don’t come […]

How well do you know your subscribers?

Today, much of digital marketing is centered on getting more traffic to your website, and then trying to increase the conversion ratio. Methods such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing (a.k.a. pay per click advertising), content marketing, social media marketing and blogging are used to entice more traffic by means of Call-to-Action mechanisms. While […]

What organizations should learn from the Sony Hack?

One of the most shocking occurrences in the cyber world, as we bid goodbye to 2014, has been the hacking of Sony Pictures. On November 24, 2014, high profile information about Sony Pictures employees, email exchanges, key personnel salary information, copies of unreleased films, and other information were obtained and released on the Internet by […]

Now you can communicate with your field force in real time…

A sales manager’s major challenges are making the hard hitting numbers. And to make these numbers, they invest a lot of time behind planning their team’s meeting schedules. But what do you do when there’s an unexpected turn of events?   A hot lead may spring up; a key decision maker has suddenly made time […]

How smart is your smartphone?

Staying on top of one’s professional life has become quite demanding. Deadlines are tight, targets are high, there are too many things to be done, and amidst all this chaos there is an added stress of email overload.   Technology is developing at lightening pace and everyday there is a new gadget to assist such […]

How to connect with your customers on time, every time?

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance has become a myth in today’s demanding professional life. The list of things to be done seems to be ever growing. Barely have we finished a task, and several others await you already. Amongst the many things that you ought to do are certain recurring mundane tasks – such as […]